35 Years of Outstanding Service

35 Years of Outstanding Service


Southern Cross Computer Systems is a great Australian Company that has been delivering corporate technology solutions to “the great southern land” for over 35 years. We believe in creating lasting relationships which inspire everyone around us, through innovative technology solutions. We seek to understand your needs by evaluating workplace roles, the technology you use today and the future directions and consequent requirements of your technology to be able to deliver a lasting solution for your company.



Owned and run by a group of technical experts, we provide technology solution services for small to medium businesses to enable them to run at their full potential. We collectively agree that quality service and trust is the most integral aspect of our business. We want you to trust that we are providing the best possible solution for your technology needs.

Operating from offices in Melbourne and extended technical teams across all major hubs in Australia we combine our knowledge and skills to provide complete assistance and expertise to ultimately make you and your business more successful.

The technology industry continues to transform through rapid strides in transformation and innovation and we’re excited to be a part of the journey, making an impact where we can, and adapting when we need to.


Our rich heritage goes back over 35 years through two different business entities. Firstly, the original Southern Cross Computer Systems, which later became the current SXIQ, is a hugely successful enterprise. In January 2020 the computer service arm partitioned off from SXIQ, and reverted back to the previously established Southern Cross Computer Systems along with Digiworld.

WE have built lasting relationships with world leading vendors and have developed rigorous knowledge of products, price negotiations and supply chain operations.”

Digiworld has a long history in IT solutions firstly in the retail space then in 2014 they joined their parent company, Envisian, to focus on expert delivery of B2B services. Both companies have built lasting relationships with world leading vendors and have developed rigorous knowledge of products, price negotiations and supply chain operations.



No matter what your business looks like or how big or small you are, our aim is to provide seamless, hassle free support to nurture your success – with the best fit products, prompt delivery, competitive price value, and dedicated after sales service.

You could be a small graphic house, a growing retailer, or a large government department – either way, everyone needs technology. Fast networks, the right hardware and great software can facilitate communication, enhance security and grow your business. We have experience across a range of industries Australia wide, so no matter how you work, we can meet your needs.

We put quality first and aim to do all we can to help you achieve your strategic directions.